- The Coshocton ASPIRE program assists area adults without their high school diploma with improving beginning skills (reading, language, math) and General Educational Development (GED) Test preparation (language arts, math, science, social studies), and it helps transition students into employment and continuing education. Funded through an educational grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Coshocton ASPIRE's offerings are at no cost to enrolled students. 


- The Coshocton ASPIRE Resource Center is located in the lower level of the Coshocton County Job & Family Services building (725 Pine Street) and is open year-round to adult students, Monday-Thursday, 8-4. Students attend in two- or three-hour blocks and improve their skills in the subject(s) of focus with individualized learning and positive reinforcement. The Resource Center utilizes a dozen computers, three study tables, an interactive Smart Board, and a variety of best-practice adult educational resources - both online and in print.


- Students must be 19 or older to enroll in Coshocton ASPIRE or 16-18 with a withrdrawl form approved and signed by the home school district submitted prior to orientation. Students ages 16-21 are encouraged to first explore all options of still obtaining their high school diploma at their home school or the county's Opportunity School

Getting Started:


- To enroll, new students - and returning students from a previous year wishing to start again - need to complete the program's two-day orientation. The first day is the Job Center Orientation at OhioMeansJobs Coshocton County, held in the lower level of the Job & Family Services building on Tuesday mornings from 9-12 and in conjunction with the monthly OMJCC calendar. 


The second day of orientation is Thursday morning at 9:00 of that same week and consists of the TABE assessment to determine the student's starting levels in the subject(s) of focus. Arrangements are then made between the program coordinator and each student to set up schedules and class times.


- In addition to Beginning Skills and GED Prep. offerings at the Coshocton ASPIRE Resource Center, "Transitions to Employment" students already with their  GED or high school diploma can improve their employability skills via KeyTrain Distance Education hours. Students enrolled in our "Transitions to College" bridge partnership with COTC Coshocton can increase their postsecondary entry scores in math and/or language arts (students are referred by COTC Coshocton staff after taking the COMPASS test at the school).


Reaching Your Goals:


- All Coshocton ASPIRE students have the goal of improving their skill level in their subject(s) of focus via the initial TABE assessment (Test for Adult Basic Education) and progress TABE (taken at a later date, based on student attendance and progress). Students with strong enough TABE scores and at least 12 hours of attendance are eligible to take the GED practice test in the subject(s) on site at no cost to the student.


- A passing practice test score leads to the student joining an upcoming testing group for the official GED test at COTC Coshocton. Thanks to a state-provided GED Voucher, the official test costs Coshocton ASPIRE students $10 per subject instead of $30. There are four subjects on the GED Test, and most students take the test one or two subjects at a time. 


- Coshocton ASPIRE staff also encourages students in their pursuit of employment and career advancement. Thanks to our on-site partnership with OhioMeansJobs Coshocton County, our students have immediate access to a variety of OMJCC resources like career coaches, job leads, and free employability-themed workshops.


For additional information about any of Coshocton ASPIRE's offerings, call the Resource Center at (740) 295-7411 or stop in at the OhioMeansJobs Coshocton County lobby to make arrangements to speak with program staff.

Coshocton ASPIRE Program

Resource Center: (740) 295-7411


Coshocton ASPIRE orientations for all students (except COTC) are now built into the OhioMeansJobs Coshocton County's Job Center Orientation, held Tuesday mornings from 9-12 in coordination with the workfoce unit's monthly OMJ calendar.

The second part of ASPIRE orientation (TABE Assessment) is the Thursday morning of the same week, at 9:00.


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