After 31 years working in social services, I will be retiring the end of September.  The opportunity to serve our citizens has been gratifying and humbling and I appreciate every minute I have spent in this endeavor.  When I talk with students interested in the field, I ask them what their friends and family think about their decision and typically comments relate to “Why would you do that, you’ll never make any money”.  It is true that generally wages are lower in the social services field than in other areas but a career is much more than money.  Knowing that you have witnessed or been a part of positive changes in the lives of the people we serve is a tremendous reward and one that has helped shape my values and beliefs and those of my family.

As we prepare to transition to new leadership in the agency, I am pleased that the County Commissioners have selected Danny Brenneman to be the new director of the agency beginning October 1.  I had the pleasure of hiring Danny in 1995 to be a caseworker for a juvenile offender program at CORC Job Training.  From there, in 200 Danny became the administrator of the Workforce Division at Job and Family Services and subsequently became the Fiscal Officer for the agency in 2007 and Assistant Director in 2011. His rich experience in programmatic and financial areas of the agency will be an impressive benefit to the future of the organization.

Danny is a graduate of Ridgewood High School and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Cumberland College in Williamsburg, VA with a concentration in history, political science and math.  He is President of the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce, a member and former president of the Kno-Ho-Co-Ashland, CAC Board of Directors, a member of Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors and past-president of the West Lafayette Rotary Club.  Danny resides in West Lafayette with his wife Tami and children Danika, Jarrett and Zander.


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