licensed child care providers located in Coshocton County

For any questions or concerns please call 740-295-7551.

ProviderAddressPhoneCenterIn HomeAll Shifts
Dianne Brugger219 S. 3rd St., Coshocton(740) 623-3860XX
Child Care Central619 Main St., Coshocton(740) 623-0443X
The Learning Garden231 Pine St., Coshocton(740) 622-9797X
Kids Campus468 Brown’s Lane, Coshocton(740) 622-3542X
Michelle McVay980 Squarewood, Coshocton(740) 622-7598XX
Amber Goddard251 E 7TH Street West Lafayette(740) 610-7149XX
The Montessori142 N. 4th St., Coshocton(740) 622-3127X
Precious Treasures122 W. Union Ave., W. Lafayette(740) 545-6082X
Melissa Reed636 S. 13th St., Coshocton(740) 291-2705XX
Tammy Whittington303 N. 10th St., Coshocton(740) 202-2114XX
Eleanor Wolford117 E. Pleasant St., Coshocton(740) 622-4117XX

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