licensed child care providers located in Coshocton County

Dear Parent: 

The following is a list of licensed child care providers located in Coshocton County. The Coshocton County Department of Job and Family Services does not make provider recommendations. You are responsible for contacting and selecting a provider that can best meet your needs. We encourage you to consider hours, location, type of care, daily activities, back-up plans, etc. when making your choice. Also, you should contact more than one provider and arrange to visit, observe, and ask questions in order to make an informed decision. (Rev. 04/29/2021) 

For any questions or concerns please call Lisa McCoy at 740-295-7551.

ProviderAddressPhoneCenterIn HomeAll Shifts
The Learning Garden231 Pine St., Coshocton(740) 622-9797X
Kids Campus468 Brown’s Lane, Coshocton(740) 622-3542X
Michelle McVay980 Squarewood, Coshocton(330) 521-1099XX
Amber Goddard251 E. 7th St., Coshocton(740) 610-7149X
Precious Treasures122 W. Union Ave., W. Lafayette(740) 545-6082X
Eleanor Wolford117 E. Pleasant St., Coshocton(740) 294-0543X

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